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Author: Eric Bogosian


Eric Bogosian's play tells the story of one night in the life of a group of twenty-year-olds living in the New Jersey suburbs and their meeting with an old high school friend who is now a pop star. For them, a friend's visit becomes an impulse to reflect on their own lives. Although some see the ideal of comfort in a quiet, suburban existence, others find themselves suffocated in such a world, and while wandering at night, after drinking some alcohol, they begin to see the futility of their existence. The play is set over one night and the morning that follows.


SubUrbia was first presented on Broadway on April 27, 1994 and was rated in the New York press as one of the season's best plays. In 1996, it got a film adaptation directed by Richard Linklater. This is a great picture of a youth wasting time due to lack of motivation and self-confidence, and whose only worries are sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. An important aspect of the performance is raising the problem of racism and hate speech. The story of nonconformist American teenagers confronted with the attitude of hardworking Pakistani immigrants who achieve success is extremely interesting, but also very instructive.

This performance is dedicated to the young actors.



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