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Premiere: June 27 at the Monopolis Stage in Łódź


Directed by Dorota Landowska


Author: Anna Reynolds and Moira Buffini



"Jordan" is an account of a fellow inmate written by playwright Anna Reynolds while serving her sentence and Moira Buffini, who was the first to play the role of Shirley Jones. It is a confession of a murderer, a young, defenseless girl, defenseless against her own memories. It can be said that it is a story about good and evil, about love and its lack, and about the fatal consequences of immature choices. To this day, this play inspires young actresses and directors all over the world, although the premiere took place in London in 1994. “My Jordan premiere took place 2 years later, on March 9, 1996 at the Powszechny Theater in Warsaw, directed by Agnieszka Glińska. I played this show for 15 years, always in full view of the audience, I received many awards for this role, and I really did a lot of good when I traveled with this monodrama around the world. I have never doubted the power of this text, its intervention power, which is why the idea was born to pass this role on. When I saw Zuzanna for the first time in the play "Jaskółeczka" in the Theater in Leszno, I thought that she should take the lead in the relay race of generations and play Shirley Jones. We didn't know each other then. Then things moved quickly. Apparently that's how it was supposed to be ... "(Dorota Landowska)


"Shirley Jones was a real person. And that's the most important thing for me. I hope that with this performance I will prolong the memory of her and together with Dorota we will be able to show young people my age a different path, a different space. We want to say with this story that one should not judge others rashly, but also that it is always worth being close to another person and reaching out to him, even when he seemingly does not need it. " (Zuzanna Bernat)


In the role of Shirley Jones - Zuzanna Bernat

Directed by - Dorota Landowska

Video, photos, light - Oskar Czyż



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