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Partners In Crime

Premiere: May 26 at the Monopolis Stage in Łódź

Directed by Karol Wróblewski

Author: Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt


"Partners In Crime" is a play by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt with elements of comedy, crime fiction and a love novel. Full of surprising twists, wonderful, brilliant dialogue, a story about people on the way, where their life together is the way, which they have decided to enter together for several years What is left of the first fascination, elation, desire, love and falling in love? How have the images of ourselves, living with each other, or perhaps next to each other changed? What is left of trust?
Together with actors Beata Kawka and Mirosław Zbrojewicz, director Karol Wróblewski takes viewers on the way to get to know themselves. Often what seems a cliché
is in fact a serious problem and only humor, laughter, sometimes tears, dancing, singing, memories or just a simple conversation can save the relationship of two loving people. There are no simple answers, only difficult questions.

The show can now be seen in the repertoire of Scena Relax in Warsaw.


Directed by: Karol Jerzy Wróblewski
Costumes: Monika Palikot / CapricornArtHouse
Light: Ewa Garniec
Music arranged by: Grzegorz Jurga (Printempo)
Choreography: Arkadiusz Borzdyński
Screenings: Katarzyna Irmina Stępniak

Beata Kawka jako Lisa
Mirosław Zbrojewicz jako Gilles



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