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Premiere: Soon


Directed by: Karol Jerzy Wróblewski


Author: Tadeusz Słobodzianek


A simple story of Cat's love for Swallow. Two worlds distant from each other, Cat-predator and Swallow - his potential victim, united by love. Two versions of the same story. Told from such different perspectives. The first is the story of the Father, who wanted to save his daughter Swallow from love, the first, crazy-wonderful, but in his opinion unstable and capricious. The second is a story in defense of love, with all its colors, represented by the Wind who wants to take care of his beloved for the sake of affection. The struggle for love destroys the ossified world order and raises the questions: can a world exist without love and can love change the world?


The action takes place somewhere in the garden, by a tree, in the presence of a Parrot, Owl, Nightingale, Pigeon, Cow and Snake. Or maybe, somewhere in a tenement house, among ordinary neighbors, with their vices, prejudices, desires and professions. The performance teaches tolerance, empathy, sensitivity to the other, often stranger. It shows the power of love that connects people regardless of age, race, origin or social status.


A simple story, about difficult things, for children and teenagers from 7 to 107 years old, daringly played by wonderful actors.


Directed by and set design: Karol Jerzy Wróblewski
Costumes: Monika Palikot
Light: Ewa Garniec
Projections: Ewa Łuczak / Katarzyna Irmina Stępniak
Choreography: Alisa Makarenko
Props: Mikołaj Sikorski

Dawn / Swallow - Zuzanna Bernat
Time / Father - Mariusz Saniternik
Wind / Cat - Daniel Mosior
Mother - Agnieszka Matysiak

Snake / Dove - Katarzyna Głogowska
Pigeon - Karol Nowiński
The Nightingale - Adrian Rux
Parrot - Filip Milczarski
Owl - Julia Szewczyk
Cow - Joanna Żóraw




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